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Mirror Glue Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


 Is Mirror Glue safe to use with acrylic mirrors?

While not all mirror glue on the market is safe for acrylic (glassless) mirrors, Troy Systems' Mirror Glue IS safe, and will not damager acrylic mirrors. And it's made for use with both small and large conventional mirrors.

What is the best way to apply the mirror glue to the wall?

It is best to apply 3/4" thick, vertical beads the length of the mirror. For detailed instructions, see our instructions page.

What is the average coverage per tube?

The average coverage per tube is 5 sq. feet per tube.

Do I need a chalking gun to apply Mirror Glue?

No, Troy Systems has specially formulated mirror glue so a chalking gun is not required. Just cut the tip at a 45 degree angle and apply by squeezing the tube.

Is Mirror Glue safe for the environment?

Yes, it is environmentally friendly, eco-friendly, low emitting material, non-flammable, and even low odor!

Will it shrink after being applied?

No, because it is solvent free, there is no shrinkage.

What temperatures can it be used in?

Mirror Glue can be used in high humidity and a wide range of temperatures (30° up to 100°F).

Is it okay to use with Mirror Backing?

Yes: silver, copper, and mirror paint backing are okay to use with Mirror Glue.

Exactly what surfaces does it adhere to?

Wood, drywall, cement, tile, metal, glass, and even uneven surfaces.

What temperatures should I store the materials in?

Mirror glue should be stored between 60°-80°F.